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    RSS Feed Wordpress

    I found a solution, which I post here for people who have the same challenge. I found the solution on Article about RSS in Wordpress In my functions.php of my wordpress child theme I added: // Add Featured Image to the RSS-Feed // Add namespace for media:image element used below add_filter(...
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    RSS Feed Wordpress

    Hey Guys, im relatively new in Mailwizz but I want to start a Campaign which is getting its content from an RSS Feed. So far so good but I don't know how to tell wordpress to create the right RSS feed. I want to have the featured Image with an Short text. Does anybody did this before and can...
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    Unsubscribe API send confirmation email

    Hi, Im new in MailWizz. I set up a custom form for my subscribers with the API and I also did the same thing with the unsubscribe. Everything is working perfect but when I unsubscribe I do not get a confirmation email from the system. I read in the api Documentation that its a silent unsubscribe...