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    Linked images / reverse proxy

    Hello, We have an issue with linked images with the following setup: Machine A is a reverse proxy. It is accessible from Internet. Machine B hosts Mailwizz. It is not accessible from Internet. System urls are as follows: API: http://MACHINEA/newsletter/api/index.php Customer...
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    Bind suppression list to a list

    Hello, We would like to bind a suppression list to a particular list. Would it be possible to implement such a functionnality ? Thanks
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    Email box monitors & settings priority

    Hello, The problem with taking this information from the headers is that it is completely dependent on the mail client, so it absolutely not reliable. Could you not add a tag to include this information in the mail body ? There would be then much less chance to loose this information. Thanks a...
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    Email box monitors & settings priority

    Hello, I have an issue with email box monitors. When I set the option "How to identify subscribers" to "by email address", it works. But when I set it to "by subscriber uid", it does not. Do I have to put some tags in the template to make it work ? I have an other question about the "Delivery...
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    A few questions

    Hi ! Thanks for your quick answer ! Our wish would be to be able to guarantee the subscribers that we won't track them. Ok, not a big deal. We can live with that. The main reason is that we want to protect our instance of Mailwizz so that it remains on a protected subnet, not accessible from...
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    A few questions

    Dear all, I just bought a license for Mailwizz and did some testing around. I must say, its really a great tool. Thanks to the developpers ! Here are my questions. I already search around but didn't find any answers. In the template editor, you can add a block for social sharing. I noticed...