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    Domain Policy Reject - Hotmail/Outlook

    Hi @Scott - not sure if this is related to any previous issue. Basically I have 10 delivery servers, and on 8 of them I put a domain policy in place NOT to use outlook email addresses. But I didn't do any domain policy on the other 2 delivery servers. Mailwizz was having a hard time finding...
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    "incl. current subscribers" confusion (autoresponders)

    Hello! Quick question on this YES/NO setting when editing an existing autoresponder. If I have many records already on a list that has an existing autoresponder campaign, and I pause the autoresponder campaign to edit the text of the email, and then I go to save it again in the...
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    Domain Policy Reject - Hotmail/Outlook

    Ok, understood... do you see an easy solution for this situation @twisted1919 ? (i.e. define more Amazon SES servers to get that ration to maybe get the ratio to 8:4? Or explicitly set hotmail/outlook addresses as "accept" in the SES servers? Would any of this help?) THank you!
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    Domain Policy Reject - Hotmail/Outlook

    Hello! Just curious if anybody else is experiencing anything similar - and what the workaround might be. @twisted1919 I have 10 delivery servers created. 2 are Amazon SES. 8 are for my PMTA IPs. I have domain policies set for all 8 PMTA IP's do "DENY" sending to outlook,msn,hotmail...
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    We're thinking to remove the Queue Tables feature

    Hi @twisted1919 - this sounds good, if there's no benefit to something, there's no reason to have it in the software. They key is removing it so it doesn't affect the users of MW who might be using it - which it sounds like you are taking great care to do. Awesome! My question: the ONLY way...
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    Custom field question on moving subscriber between lists

    Hello, Quick question on how MW will handle this situation. Let's say I have 10 custom fields in list A. I have the same custom fields in list B except for 2 of them. (So there are 8 custom fields in list B) If a subscriber is moved from list A to list B using an "on send" trigger - does...
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    Today's API downtime

    Thanks for letting us know. Who would be affected by this? Anyone trying to install MW for the first time? Or anyone with an existing installation - it would stop running because it couldn't verify the license key? Just trying to understand... thanks @twisted1919 ! Dan
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    We removed all email checking extensions from Envato, but don't panic!

    @twisted1919 this is great. I do have a huge suggestion. And maybe you've already implemented it in the last year or so since I thought of it... Last I checked these add ons would check an email every time before sending an email. For those of us with huge sends, the extra resources...
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    Fix RAND_MKTG_HEADER - spam assassin score

    @twisted1919 awesome...worked just fine. Emails scoring better immediately.
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    Fix RAND_MKTG_HEADER - spam assassin score

    Hello, In this link: There are simple instructions to fix this spam assassin penalty issue. The article also states that this value is used to process bounces. My question is: does anybody...
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    API Unsubscribe - loses unsubscribe tracking per campaign?

    @twisted1919 & @laurentiu that was it. It was the ORDER of the calls. Works perfectly... might want to update the api docs so others will not run into this issue? Thank you so much!
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    API Unsubscribe - loses unsubscribe tracking per campaign?

    Thank you...I think we had it backwards. We're trying the same order you are doing things in. Testing tomorrow will update with results. @twisted1919 @laurentiu DAn
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    API Unsubscribe - loses unsubscribe tracking per campaign?

    Thanks @twisted1919 and @laurentiu - we just don't see how these 2 API calls are supposed to fit together... we just can't get it to actually track the campaign the unsubscribe came from. Maybe if we do 3 calls? A direct unsubscribe from the list itself, then the tracking unsubscribe to that...
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    API Unsubscribe - loses unsubscribe tracking per campaign?

    We are doing some testing with this @twisted1919 - we are using the Track campaign unsubscribe API call along with the Unsubscribe subscriber from all lists. On our custom page, the user will click submit with their email address in the text box, and it will call both of these API's to...