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    Automatic Newsletter RSS Feed

    Did you explore this -> ?
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    Average open rate per list

    @nadworks I agree with you they are unreliable, Gmail, mimecast and others are scanning the links, so open and click rates are affected. The lambda client is however still attached to these indicators. Even taken with a pinch of salt...
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    Average open rate per list

    Average of all campaigns sent to that list open rate. (Σ open% for the list)/count of campaigns sent to list it was a request from a client: What's the average open rate for the master list? Had to do it manually :)
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    Average open rate per list

    Unless I missed it somewhere. Is there a way to get the average open rate per list?
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    Emails going to Spam and Junk mail need help!

    I think your first stop is to check that everything is setup properly and no IPs are blacklisted 1) use 2) post the results
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    How to Share Same List to Multiple Customers?

    Don't think it is possible or even desirable (engagement, unsubscribes etc;)
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    Empty tags....[FNAME] - updated

    Thanks, @laurentiu, I completely missed the default value in the custom fields. :)
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    Empty tags....[FNAME] - updated

    @laurentiu thank you, this is indeed a workaround but only for admin-level. It would be nice for users (and more user friendly) to be able to define the fallback as per the feature request. (basically like does) Every user and list could have a different case scenario i.e.: Dear...
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    Empty tags....[FNAME] - updated

    I am taking this to Feature requests ->
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    Spam Folder Reporting Issues

    I am going to second @twisted1919 ... having an IP on an RBL is a problem! Amazon and others are working continuously to keep their IP clean and removed from RBLs. You might have sent it before it got listed or after it was removed. But, bottom line if the sending IP is on an RBL it's an issue!
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    Export stripo HTML needs public and private key

    @rafe3000 are you running the MW on PHP8.0? Had the same issue with stripo + MW running on PHP8.0, downgraded to 7.4 and all was sorted
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    Importing a CSV :: MultiSelect field

    What is the best way, or workaround to import a CSV column into a multifield custom field
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    List growth/shrink reporting

    +1 on this
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    Problems with Amazon SES

    Are they mostly from domains?
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    Tweak wanted to record the confirmation IP address rather than the subscription one.

    Thanks for this, that resolves my issue :) (Perhaps a small visual queue in the popup "scroll for more ⬇️" not sure many people realise that, since there are no scroll bars)