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    For sale: Mailwizz Adstation API extension

    Hi for all, "If" somebody want to pay $1k for this extension, than we are able to develop in 1-2 weeks. The result will be unlimited domain or IP usage. ;) Thank you
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    blk{mx} - your free email blacklist monitor!

    Hi for everyone, Here is the big question about blacklist checking: Why to use extra resources (and maybe money) to checking the blacklists?! I think is not need, while the information is available immediately in the MailWizz bounced log, only need to monitor/analyze and you will get...
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    Fine tuned halfCircle displaying on reports update, FREE download

    Hi for All, I made some "fine tune" on the half circle which is displaying on Campaign overview --> Tracking stats. Now is more precise and viewable the half circle. Here is some print screens what I mean, to better understand: Before: After: If...
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    Looking to buy opens report log files!

    Hi for all, Looking to buy opens report log file or exchange. If you interested please feel free to ask in PM or in email. Thank you