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    How to send a certain number of email every defined timespan

    Hello, We need to configure a list to send all its campaign with a frequency of, let's say, 200 email every half of hour. We tried changing configuration values in "Group -> Campaigns and group -> Sending" but campaign didn't finalized the delivery because had been paused. Can you help us to...
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    Custom Fields in Test Email

    Hi @twisted1919 did you had any chance to take a look to this issue?
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    Issue during CSV Import with default values

    Hello, I have an issue with CSV import and default values. Basically, MailWizz is not updating contacts custom fields with the default values when these values are not defined in my csv (and I can't do this, otherwise I would overwrite those already filled). I need this to create a new...
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    Custom Fields in Test Email

    Thank you @twisted1919 Can't wait :rolleyes:
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    Custom Fields in Test Email

    Hello, I noticed an issue with test emails. In my previous experience, when sending a message to an email for testing purposes, any custom field in this message was filled with the values assigned to that particular email address. This way, it was very easy to test complex messages which made...
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    Custom campaign tag > HTML

    Hello, can you give us some hint to enable html on "custom campaign tags"? Basic Html would be fine, we just need to add some custom link and basic formatting like <p> or <strong>.
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    Issue with deffered emails with Sendgrid Web Api

    Hello, we successfully deliver our email campaign with Sendgrid, but we've noticed a mismatch in bounce reporting on MW. As you probably know, Sendgrid retries to send deferred emails several times. Any failed attempt including the first, is marked as deferred. The process stops when SendGrid...