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    New IP of my VPS and SMTP service

    @baharshak7 Is it via Tracking URLs correct ?
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    Warmup Plans, hourly limits

    Yes Instead of 2 campaigns and numbers of subscribers limit in a list. I am trying to do that. hourly limit already set with MTA. Thanks
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    Warmup Plans, hourly limits

    Hi Team, Thanks for providing automated warmup plans. It's really good I have a question and I am sure you have a easy solution for that. Whenever I set warmup for daily limit, it automatically put hourly limits. I don't want hourly in daily plans. For example. I have 2 domains, 1 is already...
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    Need urgent help on Suse Linux support for opendkim

    Thanks everyone it solved
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    Need urgent help on Suse Linux support for opendkim

    Actually these commands are not working. Like, yum install epel-release. Yum not found. I tried zypper, it says no opendkim package found
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    Need urgent help on Suse Linux support for opendkim

    Hi, Does anyone have experience on suse Linux. I have a server which active running of postfix but not able to configure opendkim. Yum, epel or opendkim commands are not working. Can anyone provide steps or any kind of documentation. Free or paid will also work. Need urgent help.
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    Mask Email address

    Hi Team, I enabled Mask email address to YES for my Team in customer account and I these emails are visible to me from backend. When I am exporting these emails from backend then It's Masked for me as well in csv, while these are clearly visible in backend. Can you please suggest where to...
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    Not able to connect SMTP of my email server with Mailwizz

    @dridainfotech Try to check user, password and port number If all good then check Firewall setting in MTA server. It would work
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    MailWhizz Not Processing My Campaigns

    @theseagull Try to check check your MTA server disk space and number of incoming connections.
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    Anyone for MW complete UI change and extensions addon

    Hi, Is there anyone have complete new design of Mailwizz or ready to make it with our requirements? Also we require some new extensions.
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    Campaign to multiple List

    Hi @twisted1919 I think It was the common question from everyone to send a campaign on Multiple lists and you suggested to include in 2.0. But in MW 2.0.24 I am not able find that option either customer or Backend account. Can you please help to enable that. Thanks, Ashish
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    wrong bounce categorization

    Hi Team, Few of the bounce reason I can clearly see, there are the hard bounce because of Invalid user or domain or 554 ...etc. But MW application shows as Internal bounce. Can you please guide me where to change these categorization in the Application. PS: I am using PowerMTA Thanks, Ashish
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    (ask) build mailwizz like act-on

    Hi @andiesanchez I never used act-on, but yes you can use Mailwizz without a website. You just need a VPS/Dedicated Server
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    Inaccurate open tracking

    Anyone have solution for that? In future other ISP may also include same privacy. @twisted1919 Any plan on your genius mind ?