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    Blacklist - Spamtraps, Honeypots, Complainers and Syntax Errors.

    How do you build this list?
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    Ideas for CLI Monitor Dashboard

    This is quite required feature.
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    Quick Trick to get delisted from Spamhaus?

    What is your Quick Trick to get your domains delisted from Spamhaus? I will share a working hack.
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    mailwizz affiliate & referal extention

    Extension looks good.
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    MailWizz and GDPR

    Thanks @twisted1919
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    GDPR-EU data protection law

    how's the progress on this @twisted1919 ?
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    Need Email Sending Service

    You need to check this with Amazon SES.
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    Need Email Sending Service

    You can check EasySendy Pro.
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    Postal MTA

    Any update on Postal integration with MW?
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    Postal MTA

    all looks good for postal; but unfortunately, it not salable solution.
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    Mailwizz 1.3.9.x - feeling brave to test the beta release?

    @twisted1919 Inside "All Subscribers" > "Filter" option; can you please add a button called "Create a new list". Having this one single button with ability to create a new list, adding the selected subscribers from filters automatically; will complete very important loop. Do have a look through...
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    Mailwizz 1.3.9.x - feeling brave to test the beta release?

    Getting excited!! Waiting for the release.
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    lead scoring?

    Eagerly waiting for this.
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    Drag And Drop Builder (Beta)

    Thats awesome!! Waiting for the release.
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    @twisted1919 list of changes, enhancements, bug fixes and feature additions?