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    different Return path address in phpmailer

    So, how do I set return path in mailwizz, I have set force from but is always set return path as from address but not the one 1 set.
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    different Return path address in phpmailer

    Hi, Is there any way to change return path address in phpmailer. It set as per from address. I checked it works with swiftmailer but not with phpmailer.
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    Update 1.6.1 sending extremely slow?

    @twisted1919 , May I know what are changes done in this upgrade? I can't find anything on this forum about this release.
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    Delivery logs Not getting deleted

    Yes, I have set to 1 day
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    Delivery logs Not getting deleted

    Hi, I have set to remove deliver logs after 1 day but when I see deliver logs table in phpmyadmin it still have some 30gb of data. I even ran the delete delivery log cron. It just run for a second and does not do anything. Any suggestion here
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    Spamhaus - I HATE YOU!

    @pradeep sharma Hi, Just to confirm, were you using any cpanel like vestacp? This will confirm my hypothesis.
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    Spamhaus dbl index on only few emails

    Hi, I have a domain with 60 ips, never got listed on spamhaus dbl. But few domains got listed and they only have 1 IP assigned to it. Still they are listed on dbl. Any specific reason?
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    pctnl dead lock

    Hi @twisted1919 , done but same result. PCNTL processes running already, locks acquired previously!
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    pctnl dead lock

    Hi, I am facing wierd issue. All my campaign are stuck and not going out. When I try to send manually, I get this message, [2018-04-10 07:27:18] - PCNTL processes running already, locks acquired previously! I have restart mysql, rebooted server, still same issue. Does anyone have any idea...
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    How To Export Clickers Or Opens From the Mailwizz Database

    Hi, I have a sql query that will insert till openers to new database with email, opendate, subscriberid and listid field, Then you can import data to mailwizz from database live import. Mailwizz does not have database queue else this could have been set as cron.
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    queue import from database

    Hi, Is there any option available to queue import from a database? I can only see live import for database.
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    Job ooportunities - Last Open date filter

    Hi, We are looking for a script so that we can create a filter on list. Like list 1 - Segment - Last open date is less than 30. Something like this were we can create segment on last open date and target recent openers, 30days, 60 days etc.
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    Geo open

    Hi twisted, I have done and fixed few problem but the problem is only on India code page (IN). rest of the page is working and even after enabling debug mode, this page is not showing any error.
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    Geo open

    @twisted1919, I am facing problem opening page with IN code only and no error code is displayed. For rest of the location it is opening fine. URL /reports/open/country_code/IN. I am getting error 500 Internal Server Error Something went wrong. Please try your request again.
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    Mailwizz - 1.4.9

    [2017-11-19 08:01:45] - Your PHP Version must be at least 5.4! I hope upgrading php will not break anything in current situtaion?