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    how to control speed from customer groups ?

    Hi I have this setting for a group . Although when i executed the campaign . 2000 emails went in just 39 mins . I havn't put any hourly limit on server . Can you please suggest me where i have gone wrong ? As per setting it should be executed in 200 mins .
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    postmaster showing ip reputation not domain reputation

    Nope , it's nothing related to MAILWIZZ , just thought of putting it on general discussion . So that i can get any advice from anyone who came across this situation . I was talking about the "GOOGLE POSTMASTER" .
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    Is my sender an open relay?

    1. Check whether you running command on localhost or from the remote machine ? if localhost then it's okie . if not then you have opened the connection from every ip . 2. Check IP restriction setting for the MTA which you are using ? This might solve your thing .
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    postmaster showing ip reputation not domain reputation

    I have came across a strange situation where postmaster showing IP reputation metrics & every other metrics available in the dashboard except "domain reputation" . Or it indicates something else which i am not able to understand ? Any suggestions will be appreciated .
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    Please explain following setting options

    In the customer group following options been avaialble . 1. Subscriber at once 2. Send At Once 3. Emails Per min. if i set Subscriber at once to 100 , then send at once 10 & email per min at 2 . Then how mailwizz will send mails to MTA & at what rate ?
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    POSTAL complete SMTP server

    MailerQ is the one of best i came across & used during trial session . But again when we talk about 10-30 Mn mails per month . I think it's better to have MTA in place where configuration are easy & can be done by an Operational guy as well . Then again license is something which keep on me...
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    POSTAL complete SMTP server

    Hey , Have any one used POSTAL as SMTP server & it's management ? As it is active for quite a while & have beautiful management interface to setup domains & config. Share your feedback if you have used it . -AMIT
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    Sendgrid From Vs Mailwizz From

    Have you deleted old delivery server from the Mailwizz setup ?
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    Warming up ip addresses email lists

    seed accounts to mark email not Spam or doing activity ? What do you suggest ? How long this activity should be there to start adding normal email ids to database ??
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    Domain Warm process Suggestions .

    I have been trying to setup my own infra for quite long now .But again & again ,i am hitting the wall of spam . So i am thinking to put my processes here ,i hope someone will be able to suggest some of things which might help me . SMTP MTA :: POWERMTA 4.5 & ZONE-MTA on different setup . Number...